Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between mosec and gradio?

Mosec is a framework for building machine learning inference servers. It is designed to be used by developers who want to build their own inference servers. It only provides RESTful APIs for inference.

Gradio is a framework for building web UI applications that can be used to interact with machine learning models. It provides a web UI for inference.


How often will I be billed for using ModelZ?

ModelZ billing cycles are weekly. Your account balance accrues over the course of the calendar week based on the cost of the resources you use.

How much will I need to pay?

The amount you will need to pay for using ModelZ will depend on the cost of the resources you use, which is based on the amount of time your inference servers are running and available. ModelZ bills only for the running time of your inference servers and does not charge for cold starts and model loading time. The cost of the resources will be automatically calculated based on the time and number of replicas you use, and you will be charged each week for the previous week's usage. You can view your account balance and usage charges in the ModelZ dashboard.

Can I try out ModelZ without any initial investment?

Yes! When you sign up for ModelZ, you'll receive a free credit of 1.41 USD (30 minutes of Nvidia L4 GPU) that can be used towards your usage charges. Once you attach a payment method, we'll give you an additional 4.23 USD credit (90 minutes of Nvidia L4 GPU), so you can continue to explore our platform and use our services.

What happens if my ModelZ account becomes past due or suspended?

If your ModelZ account becomes past due, it will be marked as such, and you will no longer be able to deploy new models. However, your existing resources will continue to run. If your account remains past due, it may become suspended, at which point your existing resources will be terminated. To restore a past due or suspended account, you will need to contact ModelZ to pay the outstanding balance and add a valid payment method.