Community & Support

Community and Support

modelz is a product that strives for continual improvement and would not be possible without the help of our fantastic community. We invite you to join our community and help us make envd even better!

We look forward to having you on board!


Welcome feedback and suggestions on the roadmap. Please open an issue on GitHub or chat with us on Discord (opens in a new tab) if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Short term - what we're working on now 🎉

  • Build: Automated build and deploy based on GitHub.
  • Async: Asynchronous inference.
  • More templates: More templates for common use cases.
  • Logs: The inference server logs are hidden by default, but you can view them by clicking the "Show inference server logs" button.

Medium term - what we're working on next! 🏃

  • Integration: Webhooks for integration with other services.